Presentation: 4th Annual Conference
The 4th IGCP 526 Conference on"Continental Shelves: Risks, Resources and Record of the Past", will be held in Vigo (Spain), from Sept. 28 to Oct.1st, hosted by the University of Vigo, and organized by the Marine and Environmental Geology Group Geoma.
The conference will includes keynote lectures, invited talks, oral and poster sessions, a field trip and a Short Marine Geology Course for a limited number of PhD students/young researchers.

IUGSInternational Geological Correlation Program (IGCP) is a joint initiative of United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS), aimed to facilitate international collaboration among scientists and to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer among disparate disciplines and regions around the world.

UNESCOIGCP526 is a 5 years (2007-2011) project aimed to compare and promote continental shelf applied researches based on geosciences but crossing/merging discipline boundaries, with particular emphasis on global issues that influence human society ( The project develops around three main axis, i.e. Risks (for people, infrastructures and environment), Resources (minerals and aggregates but also encompassing living resources as far as habitat mapping is concerned) and Record of the Past (paleoclimate, paleonvironment, paleogeography with special reference to early humans civilizations).

Conference topics
We are inviting papers related to continental shelf applied researches, such as:
  • records and processes related to climate change and the carbon cycle,
  • the identification and management of continental shelf resources (such as placers, aggregates, hydrocarbons as well as specific environments/ecosystems),
  • the identification and assessment of marine geohazard, such as neotectonics/active faulting, landslides, record of tsunamis and other high-energy events, geotechnical hazards, processes leading to pollutant dispersal and accumulation.
  • Geological processes controlling continental shelf morphology and stratigraphy.
  • the reconstruction of features/processes/changes relevant to early human history and to human impact and future in a sensitive environment such as the continental shelf.
  • any other applied study in continental shelves that may be of general interest to the society and the scientific community
Organizing Committee
Federico Vilas
(GEOMA, U. of Vigo, Spain)-Coordinator
Ana Bernabeu
(GEOMA, U. of Vigo, Spain)-Coordinator
Francisco Lobo Sanchez
(CSIC, U. of Granada, Spain)
Francesco L. Chiocci
(U. of Rome, Italy)
Michael Michaelovitch de Mahiques
(U. SaoPaulo, Brasil)
Belén Rubio
(GEOMA, U. of Vigo, Spain)
Daniel Rey
(GEOMA, U. of Vigo, Spain)
Paula Álvarez
(GEOMA, U. of Vigo, Spain)
Kais Mohamed Falcón
(GEOMA, U. of Vigo, Spain)

Scientific Committee
Francesco L. Chiocci
(U. of Rome, Italy)
Lindsay Collins
(Curtin University, Australia)
Michael Michaelovitch de Mahiques
(U. SaoPaulo, Brazil)
Renee Hetherington
(RITM Corp., Canada)
Ana Bernabeu
(GEOMA, U. of Vigo, Spain)
Federico Vilas
(GEOMA, U. of Vigo, Spain)
Joaquin Rodriguez Vidal
(U. of Huelva, Spain)
Albert Palanques
(ICM-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain)
Juan Acosta
(IEO, Madrid, Spain)
Andrés Carbó
(U. Complutense, Madrid, Spain)
Luís Miguel Fernández Salas
(IEO, Malaga, Spain)
Adolfo Uriarte
(Fundación AZTI, País Vasco, Spain)
Menchu Comas
(U. of Granada, Spain)
Miquel Canals
(U. of Barcelona, Spain)
Luis Pinheiro
(U. of Aveiro, Portugal)
Ramón Gómez Gesteira
(U. of Vigo, Spain)